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f the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, L▓ong Island. The adoption shelter, which was

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to receive the proceeds of the benefit, offered more tha▓n a dozen homeless cats for adoption.Pet f▓oster care booming as festival nearsPet foster care booming as festival nearsPet foster care booming as fes▓tival nears02-11-2018 12:50 BJTW

hile hundreds of millions ▓of people are moving around the country to reunite with their families for Spring Festival, which begins on Feb 16, Wang Mengfan,

27, is staying at her pet shop in Shangh▓ai and preparing for the peak season during the festiv▓al

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.The shop, named Pet Dream Mansion, is in Lujiazui锛峯ne of the most prosperous areas in downtown Shanghai. ▓It has 50 pet houses for foster service锛?0 for cats and 20 for dogs.F

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oster care for a c▓at is 200 yuan ($32) per night, while the▓ price for

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a dog ranges from 120 to 200 yuan▓, depending on the dog's size. This

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